Rules of Entry

There are a couple of Horsephotoshows Rules of Entry to get straight first. Please read the following before completing your entry.

The Rules of Entry are as Follows…

  1. Horse Photo Shows are open to riders and handlers of any age, however entrants aged 16 and under must have their parent’s permission before entering.
  2. Horse Photo Shows are open to horses and ponies of any age, however, no entries will be accepted in ridden classes in respect of horses or ponies aged under four.
  3. In the case that the person entering the Horse Photo Show is not the horse or pony’s legal owner, then they must obtain permission from the horse or pony’s owner before submitting their entry.
  4. It is necessary to have the photographer’s permission to submit the image before entering the Horse Photo Shows. Photographs with water marks will not be accepted.
  5. Entries to Horse Photo Shows will not be accepted unless the correct entry fee has been paid.
  6. Entries will be uploaded to the Horse Photo Shows website once the correct entry fee and entry details have been received.
  7. No horse or pony, rider, handler combination can enter the same class more than once. However, it is permissable to enter different rider, handler to horses or ponies in the same class.
  8. The terms of entry will be provided for each class in the schedule.
  9. Horse Photo Shows has the right to refuse any entries they feel do not feel are suitable for the show.
  10. Horse Photo Shows is not responsible for any loss or damage to rosettes and prizes during postage.
  11. Safety and wellbeing of rider, horse and others should be apparent. Usually a correctly fitting riding hat must be worn in all pictures featuring a rider on a horse or pony.
  12. The images entered into Horse Photo Shows classes will be uploaded to the internet and shared on social media.
  13. The Judge’s decision is final.
  14. By entering Horse Photo Shows classes entrants have deemed to have read, understood and accepted these rules and must agree to abide by them.
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