Judge’s Favourite Class Results 31st October 2016

The Results for this class are..

</p> <h3><em>Judge's Favourite Class Winner</em></h3> <p>


Name of Horse:: Teddy
Age of Horse:: 1
Rider or Owner’s Name:: Alice Goring

</p> <h3><em>Judge's Favourite Class 2nd Place</em></h3> <p>

Cooper in Judge's Favourite

Name of Horse:: Cooper
Age of Horse:: 9
Rider or Owner’s Name:: Jodie

</p> <h3><em>Judge's Favourite Class 3rd Place</em></h3> <p>


Name of Horse:: Squirrel
Age of Horse:: 16
Rider or Owner’s Name:: C.Coates

</p> <h3><em>Judge's Favourite Class 4th Place</em></h3> <p>

Beneeko in Judges Favourite Class

Name of Horse:: Beneeko
Age of Horse:: 7 years old
Rider or Owner’s Name:: Kimberley Macey