Best Foal Class Results 29th September 2016

The Results for this class are..

Best Foal Class Winner


Name of Horse:: Beneeko
Age of Horse:: 3 weeks in photo
Rider or Owner’s Name:: Kimberley Macey

Best Foal Class 2nd Place


Name of Horse:: Darby
Age of Horse:: 2 months
Rider or Owner’s Name:: Maddy Day

Maddy says: “5 months ago we rescued a thin, nervous lice covered pony as we felt she needed tlc, love and a break in life, a few months after being with us she gave us Darby! A cheeky affectionate little filly,  she and her mum Tinkerbell now have a home for life”.

Best Foal Class 3rd Place

Tregoyd Templar

Name of Horse:: Tregoyd Templar
Age of Horse:: 3 months at time of photo
Rider or Owner’s Name:: Jodie Wilson

Jodie says: “This is Tregoyd Templar who i lost as a 3yr old due to a field accident”

Best Foal Class 4th Place


Name of Horse:: Rupert
Age of Horse:: 2 Days
Rider or Owner’s Name:: Helen Francis

Best Foal Class 5th Place

Holly May

Name of Horse:: Holly May
Age of Horse:: 4 months
Rider or Owner’s Name:: Natalie Threadwell