Happy Hacking Class Results 16th March 2017

The Results for this class are..

</p> <h3><em>Happy Hacking Class Winner</em></h3> <p>

Ivor Happy Hacking

Name of Horse:: Ivor
Age of Horse:: 12
Rider or Owner’s Name:: Alana

</p> <h3><em>Happy Hacking Class 2nd Place</em></h3> <p>

Chloe Happy Hacking

Name of Horse:: Chloe
Age of Horse:: 22
Rider or Owner’s Name:: Hayleigh Beath

</p> <h3><em>Happy Hacking Class 3rd Place</em></h3> <p>


Name of Horse:: Romeo
Age of Horse:: 15
Rider or Owner’s Name:: Cara McKinnon

</p> <h3><em>Happy Hacking Class 4th Place</em></h3> <p>

Sparkle Happy Hacking

Name of Horse:: Sparkle
Age of Horse:: 9
Rider or Owner’s Name:: Kristen Woodhams

</p> <h3><em>Happy Hacking Class 5th Place</em></h3> <p>

Mouse Happy Hacking

Name of Horse:: Mouse
Age of Horse:: 13
Rider or Owner’s Name:: Billy-Jo

</p> <h3><em>Happy Hacking Class 6th Place</em></h3> <p>

Lola Happy Hacking

Name of Horse:: Lola
Age of Horse:: 16
Rider or Owner’s Name:: Julie Card

</p> <h3><em>Happy Hacking Class 7th Place</em></h3> <p>

Stanley Happy Hacking

Name of Horse:: Stanley
Age of Horse:: 5
Rider or Owner’s Name:: Maddy

</p> <h3><em>Happy Hacking Class 8th Place</em></h3> <p>

Happy Hacking Zippy and Darcey

Name of Horse:: Zippy and Darcey
Age of Horse:: 13 and 7
Rider or Owner’s Name:: Lindsey Duckett and Jenny Radcliffe

Note: Lindsey says “this was a pleasure ride hence the number bibs but was a fabulous ride across the moors”