How to Enter

We have tried to make this site simple to navigate and to enter on-line, simply go to the Schedule page and fill your basket with your entries, however if you prefer you can also enter via email or Facebook, see below.
Entering on-line……
Don't be afraid to have a go!

we appreciate until you have been through the entry process once, you may need some guidance and advice on how to enter horsephotoshows as follows.

  • First have a look at the schedule. There are many classes, so make sure you look at both pages.
  • Click on the class you would like to enter, for example: Best Coloured.
  • Fill in the sections asking for: Your Horse’s Name, Your Horse’s Age and Your Name.
  • Next click to upload your image. This should take you straight to the documents on your computer, from where you can choose your image and upload it.
  • You then need to confirm if you are happy to have your picture shared on social media.
  • Once you have completed all the above, you need to select ‘Add to Basket’.
  • Want to enter another class? Just click ‘Return to Schedule’ and repeat the process.
  • When you have entered all the classes you wish to, click ‘View Basket’. This will take you to the cart, where you can check all your details are correct.
  • Happy with everything, then proceed to the checkout.
  • Click on the PayPal tab and it will allow you to make a one-off payment by credit card.

We hope you will find entering simple, and fun.

Entering via email or Facebook…..

we do also appreciate some of you may really prefer just to send us you images by email or Facebook. Below we have added the necessary buttons for these options.

If you choose to use the Direct Message Facebook method please go through the schedule page and choose and make a note of each class you would like to enter.

Then with your email or Facebook message please provide the following:

  1. An attached photo/image file.
  2. The name of the Class(es) you are entering (e.g: ‘Fancy Dress’).
  3. The Name of Horse.
  4. The Age of Horse.
  5. The Rider or Owner’s Name.
  6. Confirm whether we can use the photo on social media.
  7. Confirm email address and full name of person to send entry fee invoice to.

Then we we will send you an invoice for your entry fee, once paid your entries will be uploaded.

Enter by Email

Click button and a blank email will pop up for you to complete.

Enter Via Facebook

Click button to be taken (in new page) to Facebook

Entering into our shows you agree to our Terms & Conditions, and Rules of Entry please ensure you have read them.